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Trusted Logistics Network Nationwide

From a single enclosed car shipping to the fleet of large mechanical parts, Autobiography Transportation and Logistics has managed all types of consignments while providing our services to the transportation industry. We are powered by a reliable group of vendors across the country and our technology partners who always share the real-time information of every assignment, from the moment of receiving the assignment until the point of invoicing.

Wide Logistics Network

Go anywhere with our widespread network

Fast Delivery


We keep our promises and deliver right on time

Order Tracking


Always get a precise location and status of your shipment

Transportation Insurance

Transportation Insurance

Your vehicle is protected from any harm under our assurance

Personal Services

Individual Moves


No matter where the destination location is, Autobiography Transportation & Logistics is always available at your transportation service.

Specialty Moves


If you own a luxury car, classic car, vintage car, or exotic car, we can provide special attention to your transportation needs.

Non-Running Vehicle


Nonrunning cars are more difficult to transport and it is always an expensive task due to the loading and unloading process of the vehicle.

Door to Door auto Transport

Door to door auto transport

With Autobiography Transportation and Logistics at your service, you don’t have to worry about transporting your vehicle from one place to another.

Business SERVICES​

Car dealerships

Over the years Autobiography Transportation and Logistics has worked with several local car dealers to provide car shipping services

Auto auctions

Auto auctions require careful but speedy transportation. Time is of the essence to deliver the right vehicle from seller to buyer.

Auto relocations

Autobiography Transportation and Logistics works with moving companies to help families and corporates to ship their vehicles to new locations.

Frequently Asked questions

How do I file a damage claim?

Upon conveyance, on the off chance that you find that your vehicle has been harmed on the way, the initial step is to call attention to it to the driver and note it on the investigation report (Bill-of-Lading).

Is shipping my vehicle safe?

Transportation vehicles on vehicle haulers are both protected and helpful. Under 1% of all vehicles bring about a case and significant occurrences are very rare.


Is my car fully insured in transport?

The car isn't fully insured with transport. Every policy has some constraint on what they will and won't cover. Since we work with various shipping organizations the nature of those approaches can change appropriately.


Do you accept personal checks?

Transportation charges should be paid with a credit card or affirmed assets before conveyance. We don't acknowledge personal checks.



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