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Personal Vehicle Moves

Autobiography Transportation and Logistics provides trustworthy personal vehicle transport service throughout California and shipping across the United States.

Individual moves

No matter where the destination location is, Autobiography Transportation & Logistics is always available at your transportation service. Whether you are moving to another location, buying a vehicle from another state, or going on holiday, we can transport your precious car very effortlessly.

We use our network of secure and safe roadways to transport your vehicles so that they come to your door the same as they were at the start of the journey. We give utmost priority to the safety of your car but in case something happens to your car while they are being transported, we will cover that under our transportation insurance. This way you never have to worry about getting the delivery with a damaged vehicle.

Specialty moves

If you own a luxury car, classic car, vintage car, or exotic car, we can provide special attention to your transportation needs. We provide both open as well as enclosed transportation services for specialty moves. It is always advisable to use an enclosed transportation method so that your car stays safe during the delivery from any kind of damage.
Enclosed transportation also provides protection from external factors such as dirt, debris, and rain. Additionally, our transportation insurance covers any type of damage that incurs during the process of transportation.

Non-running vehicles

Non-running cars are more difficult to transport and it is always an expensive task due to the loading and unloading process of the vehicle. There are high chances of getting the vehicle damaged.

Autobiography Transportation and Logistics specializes in the transportation of non-running and damaged vehicles. Non-running vehicles can be damaged ones, vehicles without wheels, vehicles that can’t start, newly bought vehicles, or race cars. There are many reasons why a vehicle is non-running.

Our experience in the transportation industry has taught us that you need to have proper knowledge and equipment to become the best in the service. We can take care of loading, unloading, storage, and transfer of your non-running vehicle in any state.

Depending on the kind of complexity involved, distance, and location the cost of transporting the non-running vehicle can increase.

Door to door auto transportation

With Autobiography Transportation and Logistics at your service, you don’t have to worry about transporting your vehicle from one place to another. We provide clean and contactless delivery of your vehicle at your convenience.
Get in touch with our customer service executives for a quick estimate on your auto transport requirement using our online portal.
We also take credit cards for payments. You will be updated with the total cost of transportation in advance. No hidden costs. No deposits. No cancellation fees.
Specialty Moves

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